Monday, March 11, 2013


Well. It's been a long time.
Not much has happened since I last posted. At least nothing out of the ordinary. We are just doing life like normal. Days seem long, yet time seems to fly by. I always feel behind on every thing I need to do. Hence the lack of posts.
I do admit that recently I have felt like the pace at which we do life is WAY too busy. Our weeks are slammed. Each one. I love to have people over for meals. We only have one day a week we can do that.
I grew up in the jungle. Far away from fast paced America. Days were over around 5:30 at night. I miss the slower pace. I feel like I am constantly grasping for the pace of life I used to know. I'm not sure how to give up or find balance. I don't think American life lends itself to nearness to Jesus, but I'm not sure how to live here and make nearness to Jesus a reality. I think we don't experience the greatness God has to offer us in our experience of Him because of our busyness and distraction. Just thoughts I've been wrestling with lately. I'll let you know if I find the answer. :)
We finally heard from the babies home we were talking with. The result was a "not this route" from God. So now we research more options. I have a good sense of peace about the progression of this process. I would love to have more solid information, but I have to trust in God's goodness and His timing. As I have discussed with many people, what if our next child is not even conceived yet. My impatience would be a huge waste of time then! I am talking with someone tomorrow about another agency and their experience in adoption from Uganda. I am very excited to learn more. The more I learn, the more convinced I am that adoption is God's idea and I am just blessed enough to be learning more about what He cares for. I have been adopted into the family of God. He has given the perfect example of how to care for those in greatest need.
Hope you are finding time in busy life to commune with Jesus. His Word is alive. Relevant to all He places in our lives.

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