Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We have been accepted to our agency! This happened probably a week or so ago. It has been a busy few weeks though so I haven't had opportunity to post it. We also have applied to get our home study done. That is starting to get moving too. I have hung our acceptance letter on the fridge. Looks a little different than a sonogram but we are very excited. I have been reading blogs and facebooks of families that have adopted from Uganda and the excitement in my heart is sometimes overwhelming. Can't wait to hold the little one.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Speedy Time

Today my Matthew finished his first year of school! This literally feels like the fastest year of my entire life.
Matthew attended 2 yr. VPK. I thought this was such a ridiculous idea when Adam brought it up to me last year. I cried because I thought once he started school it would never end and I would be watching his high school graduation before I knew it. I think this is still true. Seeing how fast this year flew by I know 12th grade is going to be here before I know it.
I sent him to school anyways. I said I'd try it for 2 weeks. If I didn't like it then he would be done. I was just waiting for the 2 weeks to be over. BUT THEN...
Matthew LOVED school. He LOVED carrying his Curious George backpack and lunch box to school. He LOVED going to pancakes with daddy before school on Tuesdays. He LOVED his new friends. He LOVED his teachers. He LOVED everything about it. So two weeks turned into a year.
I am so thankful for how much he has grown this year. He is now talking up a storm! He is potty trained. He has learned how to play really well (most of the time) with other kids his age. He has developed a lot of his finer motor skills that he used doing crafts at school. His imagination has grown (which I didn't think was possible). And he is just a more grown up little boy.
I am thankful for the best first teachers I could've ever asked for! They are so sweet, caring, compassionate, patient, loving...the list could go on for a really long time! I was confident that Matthew's teachers knew the gift they had in my little boy. It made sending him to them for 2 mornings a week so easy. They adored him and cared for him so well.
It was really fun to be a classroom mom. I got to take snacks, stop by and say hi whenever I was up at church, celebrate holidays, and go to programs. I realized that school didn't mean that I wasn't involved at all in that part of his life. I also realized that I am not together enough to provide Matthew with all of the experiences he got to have at school. I can keep him fed, clothed, and bathed (sometimes)- but crafts every day etc. is not possible. Haha. Glad he got to do so much that I didn't have to plan and execute!
Today he had his final program and last day. It was so sweet to hear him yell out his friends names as he saw them in the court yard afterwards. I'm sad he won't get to play with them as much anymore!
I'm looking forward to a summer of fun with him at home. And I'm also looking forward to all the fun he will have at school next year. How is time going by so fast?! I'm trying to treasure every moment.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

It is almost 7 in the morning in Uganda. My baby may be waking up not knowing what today is. But soon.

I am going to sleep now as you wake up. I am dreaming of being your mommy. I hope next year to be celebrating with you.

Mother's Day is kind of a funny thing. Being a mother is exhausting. And never ending. And draining. And selfless. And wonderful. One day to celebrate so much work. I am not tooting my own horn here.

Each time I am overwhelmed with my selfishness I remember that my mother did the same for me. This is nothing new. Many have gone before and many will come after. I am not alone in these feelings.

I hope to provide as much love as my children can possibly handle. I hope to point them to Jesus so that when, not if, when, I fail them- they will know a love that never fails.

Matthew. You made me a mommy for the first time. You are smart. Handsome. Funny. Determined. Kind. Gentle. Loving. Encouraging. My heart was so full the day I met you. I knew this was going to be the best "job" of my life.

Andrew. I didn't know how I could love another son the same amount. Don't worry- all those fears were gone the moment I held you in my arms. You are funny. Feisty. Handsome. Opinionated. Loving. You bring me so much joy. You make me earn my keep. I can't imagine our family with out you.

New child of mine. I can't wait to meet you. And learn who you are. The specific design God used on you. I am eager to be able to describe you to others because I know you as a part of myself. Your status may be orphan for now. But soon that will change. God has you chosen for us and us chosen for you. Soon we will be family! I can't wait.

Thankful for my mom. A hard working, selfless, encouraging, Jesus loving woman. You set a high bar. I know not every one is so blessed as I am. What I have seen and learned about other mother's through the years has made me even more thankful! Pretty sure you knew that was coming though. Glad to have you some what near to help me with this journey. I love you.

I hope that each of you has had a mother or mother figure that you can celebrate today. Don't be afraid to appreciate them on more than just Mother's Day. Pretty sure they wouldn't mind. :)

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Monday, May 6, 2013


Never thought something that costs so much would cost so little to start! We just sent the application in! Matthew was very excited to get a new brother or sister. He wanted to buy everything in the post office to send them. He was so upset when we got back in the car and went home instead of getting on an airplane to Uganda. Like seriously upset. Almost crying. Hopefully this all speeds along so he won't have to wait too long! :) He is also ready to share a room with Andrew and is making cards right now at his desk for the box we are going to start of things to take with us when we go. I'm so grateful that Matthew is so excited for another member of our family! He truly is such an amazing big brother. We are so blessed with the two boys the Lord has already given us. Next on my list of things to do today is get things for the home-study in order. SO EXCITING!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day in St. Augustine

This is old too. Someday I will be caught up. Maybe...

We got to spend a BEAUTIFUL day in St. Augustine with Grandma. There are lots of fun pictures from our adventures.

Best buddies

Someday everyone will be looking and smiling at the same time. Maybe.


Cool dude.

Trying on hats to amuse Matthew. 
Squishy face every time to keep them up!

I used to have some like this.

They were staking out our picnic spot.

Silly brothers.

My love.

So fun to have Grandma here.

He has discovered his tongue.


Smallest sidewalk of all time.

Melt my heart.

I love when they make each other laugh.

Followed this down St. George Street- Haha

Andrew is 1.

Andrew had a Hunger Caterpillar party. Can't believe he is a year old. (Well a year and one month now.) He is such a sweet joy to my heart. Thankful to be his mommy!

Cake made my Grandma!

Banner also made by Grandma.

Silly time with Pops before our friends arrived.

The set up.

Daddy did a great job making all the signs.

I had to make this picture huge. He's too cute not to!

Decided to stand on his own for the first time at his party.

Help blowing out the candle by Matthew.

He was so polite with his cupcake.

I am so blessed with these 3 handsome guys! 

He enjoyed his presents. Especially his ball from Owen.

The toys that Matthew gave Andrew.

Happy Birthday Andrew!