Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Speedy Time

Today my Matthew finished his first year of school! This literally feels like the fastest year of my entire life.
Matthew attended 2 yr. VPK. I thought this was such a ridiculous idea when Adam brought it up to me last year. I cried because I thought once he started school it would never end and I would be watching his high school graduation before I knew it. I think this is still true. Seeing how fast this year flew by I know 12th grade is going to be here before I know it.
I sent him to school anyways. I said I'd try it for 2 weeks. If I didn't like it then he would be done. I was just waiting for the 2 weeks to be over. BUT THEN...
Matthew LOVED school. He LOVED carrying his Curious George backpack and lunch box to school. He LOVED going to pancakes with daddy before school on Tuesdays. He LOVED his new friends. He LOVED his teachers. He LOVED everything about it. So two weeks turned into a year.
I am so thankful for how much he has grown this year. He is now talking up a storm! He is potty trained. He has learned how to play really well (most of the time) with other kids his age. He has developed a lot of his finer motor skills that he used doing crafts at school. His imagination has grown (which I didn't think was possible). And he is just a more grown up little boy.
I am thankful for the best first teachers I could've ever asked for! They are so sweet, caring, compassionate, patient, loving...the list could go on for a really long time! I was confident that Matthew's teachers knew the gift they had in my little boy. It made sending him to them for 2 mornings a week so easy. They adored him and cared for him so well.
It was really fun to be a classroom mom. I got to take snacks, stop by and say hi whenever I was up at church, celebrate holidays, and go to programs. I realized that school didn't mean that I wasn't involved at all in that part of his life. I also realized that I am not together enough to provide Matthew with all of the experiences he got to have at school. I can keep him fed, clothed, and bathed (sometimes)- but crafts every day etc. is not possible. Haha. Glad he got to do so much that I didn't have to plan and execute!
Today he had his final program and last day. It was so sweet to hear him yell out his friends names as he saw them in the court yard afterwards. I'm sad he won't get to play with them as much anymore!
I'm looking forward to a summer of fun with him at home. And I'm also looking forward to all the fun he will have at school next year. How is time going by so fast?! I'm trying to treasure every moment.

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