Thursday, May 2, 2013

Matthew turns 3.

This is late. But not much in life my isn't. :) We had some fun birthday parties this year with sweet friends. Matthew turned 3 and had a Curious George birthday party. As usual- it was the one freezing day of February that we decided to celebrate...outside. It was fun anyways. Here are pictures of all the festivities.

We got to celebrate with Matthew's class
He requested Chocolate Chip M&M cookies
He has the sweetest little friends.

Good morning birthday boy!
Pancakes at his favorite place. PLUS a donut. And a present!

My attempt at chalk board art.
We went to Ollie Koala's with the families.

My sweet 3 year old!

He had so much fun playing with Daddy!


It took a lot to get him to sit still for this picture!

EXCITED for presents!

He got WAY too much.

The party at the park.

Monkey Cupcakes 
This kid loves to swing!

Lots of sweet friends came to play.

Papa & Grandma came to celebrate!


Sharpie and Andrew snuggled the whole time to stay warm.

Swinging with his buddy.

Harper ran around with the balloons the whole time.

Love him.

Thankful for friends.

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