Monday, May 6, 2013


Never thought something that costs so much would cost so little to start! We just sent the application in! Matthew was very excited to get a new brother or sister. He wanted to buy everything in the post office to send them. He was so upset when we got back in the car and went home instead of getting on an airplane to Uganda. Like seriously upset. Almost crying. Hopefully this all speeds along so he won't have to wait too long! :) He is also ready to share a room with Andrew and is making cards right now at his desk for the box we are going to start of things to take with us when we go. I'm so grateful that Matthew is so excited for another member of our family! He truly is such an amazing big brother. We are so blessed with the two boys the Lord has already given us. Next on my list of things to do today is get things for the home-study in order. SO EXCITING!!

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