Monday, July 18, 2011

Dixie Cup

I have wondered what the purpose of blogging is for a long time now. I understood the photographer who blogs their sessions, or the creative person who sells their crafts, but what does a normal person with  no special skill blog about? I thought it was sort of self absorbed to think that someone may want to read a blog about my life.

My husband asked me to update his blog two summers in a row while our youth group was on a missions trip to Mexico. I ABSOLUTELY loved it! It got me thinking- maybe I could blog more frequently than 10 days a year. But then I realized I had no idea what I would title the blog. That was a huge set back for me. I didn't want my blog to be about one specific hobby of mine, or even one particular interest. The task was very overwhelming to me! As I thought about it- for weeks- I realized that I DID want my blog to be about one very specific thing. I wanted it to be a record of my life- as it is used to bring glory to God. That is what I desire my whole purpose to be. I realized this could encompass a lot of things: hobbies, crafts, devotions, challenges I face, and so many other things. I still was not sure what sort of title could wrap all of those things into one. So I asked my ridiculously creative husband, Adam, for some suggestions. I told him that we were not allowed to look at our phones, eat food, watch TV, or go to sleep until we had come up with a title for the blog that I felt such HUGE excitement about. After many many ideas; some that sounded like titles to theology books, rap records, boring books on a give-a-way shelf, and ok-but-not-perfect titles my wonderful husband found the winner! The Diary of a Dixie Cup...

This title is exactly what  I wanted! It is based off of 2 Corinthians 4:7, "But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us." The modern day equivalent of a jar of clay is a Dixie cup. It is nothing special or hard to come by. It is common, ordinary, and plain. The significance of the cup or jar is what it holds. The treasure that is in this cup of mine is the life of Christ. It is actually Jesus Christ living in me- the Holy Spirit. I desire for every single thing I do to come from that power that has been given to me- and not of my own strength. When all things I do come from this all-surpassing power in me- I desire that people will see a reflection of Christ and turn and glorify HIS NAME- not mine. The Lord's main goal is to make HIS name famous and bring Glory to Himself. What I dedicate my life to that goal- my life is not wasted.

I was given a great understanding of the worth of a jar of clay in January 2010. Adam and I went with a group of college students to Passion 2010 in Atlanta, GA. The conference always has a Do Something Now Campaign that raises money, or resources for projects that bring glory to God and make His name famous through out the world. We visited a station that was called Share the Well. ( They shared with us about the oppression of the Dalit people of India, the lowest caste of people in their society. We were given a clay cup to remind us of what they told us. The Dalit people are untouchables to the people of India. In the past a Dalit would be given a clay cup to drink out of, and afterwards had to smash it on the ground and destroy it so as to not spread their uncleanliness to higher castes of people. In a society where people were literally untouchable, a clay cup was what was seen as good enough for them. It had no value or worth, and was easily enough replaced that it could be smashed on the ground after only one use. This organization works to take the name of Jesus and His love to a people seen as worthless to their fellow countrymen. The impact this had on me was overwhelming. It broke my heart to know that people Jesus died for were treated in such a horrible way, and did not know the love that Jesus has for them. I can't imagine being treated so horribly and being told I'm that worthless by anyone. I did however gain a whole new understanding of 2 Corinthians 4:7. I want to be as useless, worthless, and replaceable as the clay cup the Dalits were given to drink out of and destroy. I want to be that empty and to only have worth when the treasure of Christ is in me.

My desire in having this blog is to have a record of God's faithfulness to me. To be able to look back in a tangible way on the process of being made more like Jesus. In everything I do: grocery shopping, cleaning my house, reading the very words of God recorded for me, talking with God, making a craft, disciplining my children, loving my husband, talking with my neighbor, watering my plants, doing laundry, and anything else that takes place in this life of mine I want to be a Dixie Cup. I want all of those things I do to be worth something ONLY because it is through the all-surpassing power from God, and not myself. I hope that those who read about my life would be encouraged, challenged, and brought closer to the Father so that HE will be given all the glory.

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