Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where has time gone?

Well- I was hoping to blog a lot and then life happened! Things got kind of crazy and finding time to get all of my responsibilities done, AND blog just was not possible.

The first thing that kept me from blogging was that I got attacked by morning sickness! :) The first couple months of pregnancy are pretty rough for me. It took all I had to make sure Matthew was fed, bathed, and entertained in between being sick and wanting to sleep. So blogging about any of that for sure did not interest me! Good news- I am no longer feeling sick. Matthew is still healthy, fed, cleaned, and entertained. I made it through! We are expecting little boy #2 on April 1st. Well- I'm actually hoping for a different birthday for him- but that is the date the doctors have given us. So far everything is looking good they say. I had my glucose test today- hopefully I pass. The GT I had with Matthew was right after Halloween and I passed even though I was a candy-eating-fool! And now this one was right after Christmas-so if I pass it will be another miracle! Haha.

The second big thing that happened for our family is that we moved in October! With an expanding family, horrible economy, and a wonderful family I have married into we found ourselves doing a house swap. We could not sell our house at the moment, but were running out of space to have 2 little ones, and our sanity. My in-laws offered to switch houses with us. They have been a huge blessing to Adam and I through out our marriage- but this offer blew my mind. They had a house with an extra bedroom, 1 1/2 bathrooms, office/playroom than what we had. They were selfless enough to give up their extra space so that we could fill it- and take our smaller space. The move was a bit overwhelming and exhausting. I had only ever packed my personal belongings for a move before- and now I had to pack a whole house with a toddler "helping" any way he could! Everything did get packed- and thanks to the help of some of the Sr. Highers it got moved as well! We got settled just in time for...

THE HOLIDAYS! Another wave of craziness took over with Thanksgiving (traveling to see my family in NC) and all that is involved with Christmas (decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, parties...). With my new found love of Pinterest I wanted to make a lot of Christmas gifts this year. I had a lot of fun doing all my little projects- but I've learned that it takes a long time to be crafty and creative! :) The Thanksgiving- Christmas time is my favorite time of year- but somehow it is already gone. I feel like life has been one crazy whirlwind recently.Christmas was so much fun this year with Matthew. He enjoyed opening presents, and was really excited about all of the new things he got. My wonderful husband made me a dining room table that is so beautiful. It made me cry- which made him happy. :) Our families were once again too good to us, and spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day celebrating with the Alexanders was so much fun. In a few weeks we will get a chance to celebrate with my family- I think the longer break between the celebrations will do Matthew some good. I don't want him turning into a greedy, entitled little nugget. :)

I was sitting on the couch today thinking about new years resolutions. I think most of the time these are pretty dumb because hardly anyone keeps them-at least people I know. But I still felt the need to come up with one for myself. I was honest with myself- exercise will not be my resolution of choice. I hate to exercise and would hate it even more if I set some unattainable standard for myself from the couch. :) I decided that I want to blog more consistently in the new year. I feel like this year is going to hold a lot of excitement and challenges for me. I already have lots of BIG things on the calendar- and it's still only 2011! I think it would be fun to document my journey- and maybe even share it with people if they would care to read about it.

No promises to an entry each day. I have come to realize that I don't know what each day will hold. The days I think are going to be slow somehow turn out the craziest- and the days I think I won't be able to accomplish everything on my list are over and done with faster than I know it. I do resolve to blog consistently though. That is all I can say. :) I'm excited for 2012 and all that God has planned for me in these coming 365 days.

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