Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alphabet Dates

As a stay at home mom I don't make lots of money. I know. Big surprise. But it is true. I actually make $0. I wish presidential candidates would address people of my financial state... just kidding. I am blessed to be able to choose to stay home and not work. And I am blessed to have a hard working husband who has a job that supports our family.
Christmas presents for Adam are difficult when you have $0 to spend. It calls for creativity- which is not my strongest attribute. :) This year I decided to make a book for him. The book has 26 pages. On each page there is a letter envelope. Inside the letter envelope is a date corresponding with that letter. There is also a room for a picture of each date we go on. These things do not cost very much money at all. I tried to be creative with them- not things we would typically do on a date. He has to wait to open each card until the week we are going on our date. We have one for every 2 weeks of the year.
Adam is excited about the book- and so am I! Since having children- date nights are few and far between. Also with the busyness of life- it is hard. We experienced last year more than ever that having time with just the two of us is very important. Hopefully this tool will assist with that.
Today was our first date. A. A was for the Cummer Art Museum. The museum is free on Tuesday afternoons. JACKPOT! I am off to a good free start. (Not all are free- but most are cheap) Adam came downstairs in a suit with a bow-tie on. He figured that's what classy art looking people wear. I looked like a hobo next to him, but I was already dressed and not in the mood to fancy myself up. Haha. It gave me a good laugh- and he looked very handsome. We just pretended he had just gotten off work at his fancy job and we were going to browse the art gallery...We ended our evening with tacos (no association to the A theme but it sounded good to the both of us- and a quick stop by Amy's (my sister-in-law) house since we were in the neighborhood. Her name starts with the right letter so it was a bonus.

 Adam's first question was, "Why do they all only have one eye?" We clearly don't think outside the box!

 The gardens were so pretty. I loved all the flowers!

 Beautiful tree. This is just a part of the twistiness of it. Wish I could've captured all of it!



 One of my favorite non painting things.

 In the children's interactive center.

 Carved out of ivory! Unbelievable!

 Helen Keller had sent a letter to the museum at some point!

 Thankful to the person who took our picture of us together.

 We are classy. Clearly.

 Halos. Or modern art. You decide.

 Multi-racial families. Cool since always.

 Pretty sky and sticks. 

Yummy tacos and queso to end the night.

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  1. Allison,

    Great Christmas ideaa and it looked like you guys had loads of fun! Great pictures. Hope the next date is also fun..