Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Vacations

I don't take very many pictures with my camera anymore because I have run out of hands. It is hard to wear a camera around your neck and chase around 2 little boys. It is even harder to have both hands free to snap a picture. I also don't download to my computer very often. I want to be better about both of these things...but it's just so easy with an iPhone camera that I forget. Maybe someday...

I uploaded some pictures tonight and thought I'd share. Our summer was very busy but I managed to get a few pictures when grandparents were around.

 Those dimples!

 Fun time with Grandma

 Mid sneeze- Haha
 Matthew loved jumping off the benches...hence the multiple pictures.

 This kid is such a goof.

 We even got to see the train come hands were too full to get a picture with the camera though.
 Knight in his castle.

 King Andrew
 We even got to see a big tractor!

 After Grandma and Grandpa's we got to go to the beach!
 Lots of fun water time with Pops
 Children, water, and sand are not ideal for only about 5 total pictures. Haha
 Foggy camera because of the terrible humidity...but on July 5th the mayor and police chief were on the beach cleaning up firework trash. They were so kind to Matthew. He was SO excited!

These made me laugh...we tried to take passport pictures of the boys. Andrew was not so into it. Hope you enjoy.

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