Monday, September 9, 2013

Goodbye Summer

Well...summer is gone. We had our Breakaway retreat with the Senior High students this labor day weekend. That is always the last big thing before "normal" life in the Fall starts. I've come to learn that "normal" in student ministry is always chaotic.
Matthew started school the Wednesday after we got back from Breakaway.


Handsome guy

Opening a letter from his teachers on the first day of school. We went to our favorite pancake place for breakfast.

He loves his daddy!

That smile...

How is our first baby getting so big?!

You can see the blue blur of Matthew's backpack on the left. He was so excited to be at school he didn't even care to say goodbye. 

Headed straight for his cubby

He bothered to look at me for one picture before he ran off to play.

Since Adam had been really busy with summer things and the retreat he took Thursday off and took us to the zoo. We had a great time as a family. The good thing about summer being over when you have little kids is that summer really doesn't end. Glad our schedule is still so flexible.

My sweet boys

Those eyes. Ugh.

Happy to be riding the train. Handsome dudes!

He doesn't wear a hat usually- I was so happy he kept it on for a few minutes.

We got the see the penguins be fed. 

Stole a kiss

Rode the carousel many times. I was very dizzy...

Got to feed the giraffes!

Licking Adam's leg. Haha

Pretty sure these were my favorite!

Got a family picture! *miracle*

Being giraffes. We also have the perfect photo bomb!

Got to pet the sting rays...well Adam and I were the only ones brave enough.

A squirrel came VERY close to me!

Second best part of the day. The elephants were drinking, splashing themselves, and making mud.

Flowers that Matthew picked for me...from the zoo. Oops.

Too much party for this one.

So now we are into the "fall" I guess. School is started. Weather is still as blazing hot as every in Florida though. We are hoping to go pick up Jonathan this fall. There are some issues with court right now so pray that all of that will be settled quickly so we can have a court date scheduled when all of our paperwork is finished at the end of September. We have sent away our Dossier!! (all the papers below) We are waiting on approval for the last form we sent away last week and then we will be cleared to go as soon as Uganda will have us. So excited to meet our little man!!!

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