Sunday, September 29, 2013

Showered in Prayer

Last night we had the awesome privilege of being prayed over by some of our close friends. Sweet friends threw a shower for us to help with gift cards to go towards buying formula for Jonathan and to have a chance to pray over us and for Jonathan before we go. It was such a sweet time. I wish the prayer would've gone on for so much longer. Standing in a big circle holding hands with people that we know will fight battles for/with us, that invest in our family, that encourage and challenge us, and that can't wait to meet our newest little boy was the biggest blessing. We felt so loved in that moment, and the best part is- those people love us like that all the was just a great big gathering of all of them!! We are blessed beyond measure. The Lord has been so good to us. Jonathan is about to enter a great big awesome family of friends.
I didn't get a picture of all the people. (I really wanted one but in the hustle of it all didn't end up with one. So sad!) I also didn't get a picture during the prayer time. Sometimes I wish my life was a reality tv show so I had documentation of every awesome event in my life like this one. However- I do not wish to have documentation of my ugly moments and bad days so I guess it's for the best. Haha
Here are some pictures of the wonderful set up and desserts. Clearly my friends know what touches my heart. :) So much hard work and time was put into this night. We appreciate you all that made it happen.

How AMAZING are these cookies?!

Those are real center pieces you guys! So beautiful. 

There were even traditional Tanzanian treats. Apparently Uganda doesn't have many desserts. Jonathan is coming into the most dessert loving family around. Culture shock.

Cute little African table.

Blessed the heck out of us. A sweet adoption ornament. Gift cards for formula/diapers. Gift cards for dates so Adam and I can stay connected in the craziness. Gift card to Dunkin Donuts- our favorite family past time. Hand made cards. Gifts of money from children. 

When we got home (it was late and our kids were STILL awake- they were such troopers. It may have been the constant flow of cookies and some of their favorite people to hang out with...) we sat at our dining room table coming down off the high of being loved on so well. We cried as we read cards and prayers for our little boy. I hope all of you can find Jesus loving community that loves on you as well as we have experienced. It is such a blessing and we feel the love of Jesus through each of them. Not sure why we have been called to experience the indescribable blessing of adopting but I thank God often for it. Blessed beyond measure.

By the is a picture of Matthew waiting to go to the shower. What a goofy kid...


  1. We are blessed to be a part of this journey with you. CANNOT wait to meet the kid we all love so much already. How do you love someone you have never met? ha. God allows that. Thankful for your family taking on the fight for a little boy miles and miles away. We are all behind you!

  2. Loving you and blessed to see God's moving through all this!