Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Date with Matthew

Last Saturday I was woken up with a kiss on my cheek by a handsome little boy with flowers! Matthew asked me if I would go on a date with him. OF COURSE I said YES! I got up and got ready right away.

So sweet!

 When we got out of the car he held my hand on the way inside. He held the door for me. He also told the hostess how many people we had for breakfast!

 We played our own version of checkers while we waited for our food.
 Before breakfast he prayed for our meal. He even thanked God for his beautiful mommy. Then my heart melted.
He even paid for our meal and bought me something from the store.

The date was perfect. I had butterflies! I couldn't help but think during each part of our date that all of this will be gone too soon! He needed help cutting up his pancakes and I could not have been happier to help him. He's growing up way too fast. I'm sure before I know it he will be wanting to take another girl on a date. Please slow down sweet boy! Thank you for such a wonderful date. 

I'm so grateful for the best father for my boys. He wants them to learn how to treat a lady and works hard to make that happen!!

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