Friday, September 27, 2013


I turned 27 a few weeks ago. Things are busy so I haven't posted anything yet. It was a great day/week. On my birthday I ate WAY too much food. Breakfast with the family. Lunch at a friends house. A free Camicake (my favorite) for snack. Dinner with the family. And ice cream at my small group at church. If this is any insight into my year then I am going to be many extra pounds come my 28th birthday. Haha. I also renewed my license on my birthday which wasn't my choice of a good time, but it didn't actually take that long so that was nice. I received lots of fun things from my boys on my birthday that made my heart happy.

Great choice of birthday balloons! Mickey from Andrew and Toy Story from Matthew. 

Matthew's choice of flowers for me.

Andrew's choice.

Adam's choice (with the help of the boys)
Little surprise on my muffin at my Cracker Barrel birthday breakfast from the boys.

Thankful for this one.

And thankful for these two. 

My birthday dessert from Sharlie. She made me wear the hat for the picture too. I mean it does scream celebration!

On Saturday we had some people over for a cookout. It was fun having friends in my home. I felt very loved by those who came out for my birthday. I really like just hanging out with people, and especially when it is something we can host at our house. I LOVE having people in our home. Adam did most of the work, he grilled and even made macaroni and cheese (that was delicious!!). Adam's mom brought some other sides and a yummy cake. We got to swim as a family with some of Matthew's friends after everyone else left the party. I guess I had too much fun during my party because I don't have any pictures to show of it. I'm so thankful for how everyone loved on my for my birthday! Thanks guys.

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