Thursday, September 12, 2013


Just a quick update.
The courts are back in business again in Uganda. Praise the Lord. It didn't take long at all! Our last thing of paperwork is still in process, but hopefully by the time it's done at the end of September- we will be able to quickly get a court date and travel.
Please continue to pray for all of the officials that we will interact with- that we will find favor in their eyes. Pray that our tickets will miraculously be cheap- buying international plane tickets last minute is costly but that's the only way it can be done. Pray that Jonathan will be loved on well by his care takers until we get there. Also that he will stay healthy. Pray for our preparations as we get ready to become a family of 5!
We are getting immunizations for the boys next week. Pray that they react well, and cooperate at the doctors office. Shots are never fun...
I'm almost giddy because the time is so near to go meet our little boy!! Thanks for carrying our journey in prayer, and for caring for us so well.

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