Sunday, October 6, 2013

Divine Hiccups

We have meet people from our agency over the internet that will be in Uganda at the same time as us. One of these people is already over there and is adopting a little boy from the same orphanage that Jonathan is at. She had told us that she would take pictures of Jonathan for us so we could have more than the one we got at the time of our referral. I checked for any news from her obsessively as soon as I knew she was in country...even when I knew it was a ridiculous time. Haha. I was so excited to get new pictures of our little boy.

At 4 o'clock on Friday morning I woke up with terrible hiccups. They hurt...and were loud...and weird. I have never woken up with hiccups before. I got up to get some water and figured...why not check for any news?! I said...obsessively. 

I had a message on Facebook from the girl in Uganda that she had sent 6 minutes earlier. 6 MINUTES!  She was asking for my email address to send me the pictures she took. I responded immediately, hoping that she would still be online. She WAS! We got to chat for a few minutes. She told me that our little boy is very happy. Such good news. She also told me that he peed all over her when she held him. Haha. She told me she had sent the pictures and...our internet stopped working. My heart was racing. I was rechecking my email every half a second. I had to go downstairs and reset the internet. It was close to an eternity as I waited for all the right lights to start flashing on our internet box and for it to start working! And then there he was...cute little Jonathan. He looks so healthy and big! He looks so much more grown up. I went back upstairs and woke Adam up to show him the pictures. Then texted them to some people because I couldn't wait until the real morning time. I figured it would be a nice surprise for them to wake up to. 

As usual...when it rains it pours. The agency sent us a few more pictures from the social worker later that afternoon. We went from having one pictures to having 9! We can't post pictures but please ask us when you see us...we are more than happy to show anyone! 

As I was trying to fall back asleep after I got the pictures I realized something amazing. We sent our adoption application in on May 6, 2013. Jonathan was born on May 18, 2013. If he was anything like Matthew...we could've sent in our application on Jonathan's due date. Matthew was 11 days late from his due date. Jonathan was born 12 days after we applied. AMAZING!

I'm thankful that God woke me up with the hiccups so that I could connect with our friend to get more pictures! He really does work in some strange ways. Just another part to add to the incredible story God has written for our little boy.

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