Thursday, October 31, 2013

Final trimester

Well...the end of this paper pregnancy is near. There are many signs that make me aware of this. I seem to be gaining weight (from a growing baby...ok maybe it's just stress eating) hips hurt- particularly my right one (perhaps something I should have checked out). I feel the need to cry a lot at random times for no particular reason (must be the hormones or maybe it's just my crazy).  And I have never wanted my house to be cleaned up so badly. Nesting. Of course if you've been to my house ever recently then you know that my desires for a clean house aren't always made a reality because...well...children.

The countdown is on! I made a paper chain the other day for our trip to Uganda. Matthew LOVES taking off a link each morning. We leave in 15 days! YIKES!

We are busy these days getting everything ready to travel, trying to do some normal things to keep life less chaotic for the kids, and trying our hardest to spend time with people before we are gone for 2 months (pretty tricky with a constantly busy schedule-ugh), Christmas shopping earlier than normal, etc etc etc...

Please keep praying for all the last minute details to come together, for our trip and all that is involved with flying with children, for us to stay healthy, and that everything we need/want will fit into our suitcases and miraculously only weigh 50 pounds each. My parents are coming to visit before we go and since my dad is used to packing for overseas travel- I'm going to stick him with the job. Haha. Don't tell him please or he won't come visit!  

Here's a few pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch this week. My boys were too busy having fun to pose for pictures. I did the best I could. A family pictures was clearly not a priority for them. :) I do have some handsome men though!

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