Sunday, December 15, 2013

1 month

Well... we have survived 13 days without daddy so far. Only 10 more to go! The past few days have been hard. Probably just because things are just the same every day...and I'm on my own. Nothing unbearable- just exhausting.

The other morning at breakfast Jonathan was crying, Andrew was whining mommy over and over (literally like a broken record) and Matthew was sassing me. I said, "crying and whiney children make me want to pull my hair out!" A few minutes after breakfast was over I heard Matthew playing in the living room say, "Crying and whiney children make my hair fall out." That may be true too...not sure. Made me giggle.

Yesterday I had to take Jonathan back to the doctor for his recheck and I went to the grocery store afterwards. I had only Jonathan and Andrew because Matthew always chooses to stay behind and play with his friends. :) I can't say I'm upset that he would rather have this option. I was SO hungry at the grocery store- they say you aren't supposed to grocery shop when you're hungry because you will over-buy. Not in Africa. YOU GUYS! I wanted a good meal! I looked so hard for something that sounded yummy, that wouldn't give us some disease, and that would not be too much work since the lights in my kitchen don't work and I would be cooking in the dark. I found nothing... except donuts. Haha. Everyone knows my love for Dunkin Donuts. If the one on Sunbeam is closed it is because I have been gone too long! I decided I didn't have the energy or desire to figure something else out for dinner. Our electricity has been out for a few days so keeping food in the fridge is impossible and I had already eaten as many throw together things as I could handle. Eggs and donuts it was. Yes...Matthew drank a Fanta with it. I deserve an award...or a report written up on me. Not sure which one. Everyone seemed pleased with my choice though. :)

I did find a special treat for myself though! I was so excited!! They weren't the tastiest, but they were a lift to my spirit. They were so small that from a distance I thought they were cherry tomatoes.
Yes...that is the condition of my "non-stick" pans here. I have to scrub dishes for a while. Haha

So we have survived a month being gone from Florida. Some parts of me feel like it's been no time at all- and other moments in the day I feel like it's been forever. :) The other families here have been here much longer and I know I have nothing to complain about. Crazy that I've lived in Africa for a month. It's truly a dream come true! I always hoped to be able to travel to this continent. I had no idea it would be to do life! I'm so blessed. 
 The boys returning from their many adventures outside. Andrew somehow slipped his arm out of his shirt and this was his reaction. Haha.
 Matthew LOVES hiding himself in all the pillows. He also loves the water bottles here. Easy toys. We have enjoyed a few chilly days here due to rain. It's so nice!
 This is bath time here. There is a sliding shower door and after I'm done washing the boys they like to slide it closed and splash and scream and have a grand time. I'm thankful it contains the mess. :)
 We made a chain to count down to Christmas/daddy's return
These boys can't wait for Jonathan to wake up each morning. As soon as they heard him they came bounding in and peeked over the edge of the bed at him. Look at Jonathan's sweet face between Matthew's legs. He is taken with them too! It is so hard for me to not be able to post sweet pictures of them all together on here! Ugh. SOON!

Today we went to Watoto Church to see their children's Christmas cantata. I was a little nervous about it because it is me vs. 3 kids 3 years old and under. For an African church service...aka LONG! It went pretty well. :) The kids were so cute. They did an AMAZING job of telling the story of Jesus' birth. Next week we are going to brave going to see the adult cantata. I'm excited about it. Christmas gets more amazing to me each year. JESUS came to earth! God WITH us. AMAZING! I hope that you all are getting to take time to think about the reason for celebration this time of year. Listen to the words of all the Christmas songs playing- they are POWERFUL! We went to dinner afterwards at a little restaurant here that was so yummy. I got chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks. Both big treats. :) There was room for the kids to play again. This swing was so fun. It was in the shade under the coolest looking tree that-oops- I didn't get a picture of. Hopefully these cute boys will be enough though! 
 This was one SLEEPY boy! We left for church at 11 and didn't get home until 5. Jonathan was in the carrier that whole time by the way. 6 good hours of bonding and SWEATING!

 The only moment besides when the food came out that these ones were sitting still. :) I'm so thankful for friends for the boys to play with. I can't imagine entertaining them by my boring self this long!

So one month in and we are doing great. We can't wait for daddy to be back with us. I forgot to tell you that after church today a lady came up and introduced herself to me because we have boys the same age. Her in laws know my family and work for the same organization and they are from the same town as my parents live. I LOVE how God provides connections everywhere I go. I always get excited to see what ways He is going to use each time. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday and got to focus on Jesus. I know it was encouraging for my heart to be able to worship with a church family here in Africa. God's truth rings out even across the ocean. And honestly it rings REALLY loud. :)

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