Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Miracle

Today another lady here and I decided to go last minute grocery shopping before the Christmas crazies are out on the streets. Hard to believe the traffic could get crazier- but I think it is true. When our driver showed up he told us that we were supposed to be at the passport office at 2. They didn't know if our passports were there- but we were to show up. Our other friend here was super mom today and kept ALL the kids. A mistake I'm sure she will never make again :) but off the other two of us went! We showed up to the tent office that we applied at. In the afternoon it is the pick up office instead of the application office. There were SO many people. Hundreds. A man stands in the front and whispers reads the names off of passports that are ready. Somehow people understand him and stand up and head to the other part of the office- aka another tent. Thankfully we had a helper with us who kept telling us where to go etc. We arrived around 1:15. Things get started around 2. My friend eventually got her passport. The man informed me that they were looking for Jonathan's. I was so surprised that they even called for me to go to the office today that I wasn't sure I would be going home with one. It has only been a week since I applied. Around 4:30 he told me that they should be calling our name anytime and I had to go inside this little room and sign for the passport. They close at 5. Around 4:55 they motioned me into the room. Jonathan was in the carrier on my front and I was carrying our diaper backpack on my back. My shirt was SOAKED! I looked like I had run a marathon- but in fact I had just held a baby against my body for almost 4 hours in the hot Ugandan sun. I pushed my way into the room. Seriously... jammed my way in. I finally reached close enough to the counter to sign a piece of paper for the man who took our file. He casually handed our passport behind the counter to another man further down. He motioned for me to go down there and sign. I CRAMMED my way through people to get there. The man actually had to finally push 2 people out of the way so I could stand close enough to sign the book to release the passport. VICTORY!! Just before closing I walked out the office with both hands raised in the air grinning so big! Obnoxious white 'betcha. If people are staring at me anyways- I might as well have fun. I'm so thankful for this Christmas surprise and miracle! I'm VERY thankful that I didn't have to go back and wait another day because the office closed. I'm so very thankful for my friend who watched Matthew and Andrew. The "office" would have been an absolute NIGHTMARE with them.

I got home and facetimed Adam and held the passport in front of the camera. I wanted him to be as surprised as me! We did not expect to get it this soon! Now that we have it before Christmas we should FOR SURE be able to make it home by the time we planned. PRAISE the LORD! Next is our medical appointment for Jonathan that is required by the US Embassy. I am calling tomorrow to hopefully get in this week and have it done before they close for Christmas so that when everyone opens back up after the holiday's we can do the Embassy and be DONE! Everything seems so close all of a sudden- of course it will take time with holiday closings- but having our passport is so unexpected and really the only "unknown amount of time" thing that we were waiting on. The rest is pretty predictable and scheduled. AMAZING!!! (Brandon- I am actually yelling that :))

Blurry but in my possession!!

Tonight we bagged up some special Christmas candy we had planned ahead for and brought to share with our friends. After bath we went and delivered it. So much fun. The boys were SO excited to tell the neighbor's Merry Christmas!! I'm so thankful we have other families to celebrate with. It is making the season still really fun while being away from home. 

Please pray that tomorrow the medical place will take us for an appointment. I fully trust God's timing in this- but I know prayer moves the hand of God and I see that very clearly in the provision of our passport. I know a lot of you were praying for that with us. THANK YOU! I get so giddy every time a new step happens towards getting our son home with us! I'm so amazed every time I re-realize that he is my SON! Now I have a passport with the CUTEST little face in it from an amazing other country that will get my boy back home with us. I will keep this treasure forever. As I continue to ask God to give me more faith- something I learned at the VERY beginning of this journey- He continues to prove Himself EVER-FAITHFUL.

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