Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Day in THE Life

I really am enjoying life here SO much. A lot of people would probably think I'm insane. That's fine. Haha. I grew up with life like this. My heart really feels at home in the most unexplainable way when I am in a setting like this.

Today was good. Andrew seems to be getting better. He gave me lots of smiles today. Only cried twice instead of every other second like he has been lately. We played with toys a lot. We had a few dance parties. Apparently I dance with my pointer fingers pointed. Andrew now dances with his hands like that and shows me very proudly every time. The things you learn in the mirror of children. :) I'm fairly certain I have better rhythm than him. It wouldn't take much though. Watching him dance is one of my highest forms of entertainment. One of Matthew's little friends came over for a while. I attempted to teach Matthew how to color inside the lines...not too interested. I told him it looked better than when he just scribbled like a crazy person all over the place. He cracked up at that. Whatever I guess. He will learn eventually. Haha. Kids got baths. We ate 3 meals again...sort of... dinner didn't seem to be too big of a hit. I am trying out all sorts of things I found at the store here. Some are good. Some are...well...gross. I made bran muffins from a mix. I added a cut up apple. They were yummy.

OH MY GOSH! MID TYPING I SAW A LIZARD WALK ACROSS THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR!! THEY ARE MY WORST NIGHTMARE!! SEND ME HOME!! But seriously... that is by far the worst moment of my trip so far.

I have a few pictures to share from our day (and a few in the past). I figured you may enjoy some of the little traits of Jonathan that we love. I hope you enjoy the little sneak peek at him. I'm also putting in some pictures of stuff around here too. And a little of our Christmas decorating time before Adam left.


When I said scribble like a crazy person I wasn't exaggerating.

Letter to Santa! He asked for a talking Buzz Lightyear and a James train.

Matthew's favorite ornament

Thank you Hobby Lobby for having Christmas stuff out basically at the end of summer! 99 cent stockings for us to hang on our indoor clothes line.

Decorating our tree. Please don't judge my craftiness too harshly.

My washer...

And dryer. 

This is my laundry room. And you can see my clothes hamper. You can't let it be too big or laundry piles up and I feel overwhelmed. The bottles are our new favorite toys as you will see in a few pictures. So we keep all of them. 

Sometimes his cuteness is too much for me to handle.

DJ Matthew loves to pick our songs on his little computer for us to dance to.


He has the longest fingers and toes.

There was a fly bothering Andrew. It was hilarious to watch him figure out what was happening.

He figures out new ways to hold more every day.

Another adorable belly.

Our feet are stained red from the Ugandan clay. 

My heart is so full when these two play together like best buddies. They were off on an adventure with their bottles. 

During our back porch dance party/play time/photo shoot our friends brought us some treats!! 

Andrew wasn't sure how exactly to eat this thing. His concerned face cracks me up. n

Hope you enjoyed some pictures. Thank you for praying for us. We had electricity all day!! You must have been praying every time you used electricity. It kept dipping and rising. Lights would fade and then shine bright. There is a house being built right across from us (it is so neat to watch the progress since we've been here and to see how they do construction) and every time they used whatever tool they used all day the power would go way down. Pretty amusing. Adam is home and we got to FaceTime with him today. I'm so thankful for how far technology has come and how helpful it is to stay in contact with loved ones far away. Jonathan even smiled when he saw Adam on the screen. Anyone else we have FT he has big scared eyes. He LOVES his daddy. I'm off to wash off the red clay and hop in bed. The lady that helps keep the houses clean around here changed all our sheets today. I can't wait to lay down in a clean bed!! Hopefully the party people at the restaurant right by our window aren't too out of control tonight. Goodnight! 

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  1. I love the picture of the boys carrying jugs - they're quickly becoming true Africans! I can relate to loving the life-style, although I never had to wash my cloths by hand..not yet anyway. I miss the sounds, smells and sense of community of Africa, and I'm living vicariously through your adventure! Thanks for sharing.