Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Is he yours?!"

Just a quick update and a few more pictures. Today was good. Got all my chores done pretty quickly. The lizard hasn't killed me yet, though I'm not sure where it ended up so anxiety may be the end of me. The boys were pretty good- Andrew took a great nap for the first time since we've been here. Thank you Jesus. We got to go to dinner at a Mexican restaurant here- The Little Donkey. I got dressed in something that sort of matched, put on make up, sort of did my hair, and put on a necklace-which quickly came off because Jonathan tried to strange me with it from the Ergo (all rare things for me to do here by the way) for this special occasion. We were supposed to go a while ago while Adam was still here but when all the sickness hit it didn't work out. My mind has been thinking of guacamole since I first heard of this place though and I couldn't wait to go!! It did not disappoint. I had a chicken quesadilla dipped in sour cream and some guacamole and chips. This may sound normal to you- but this was quite the treat here! After dinner one lady brought all the other kids home to watch a movie and the other lady and I went to the store (with Andrew and Jonathan). I wish I had a video of the three of us ladies trying to carry on a conversation at dinner with the 10 kids we were all responsible for. At the end of our time (and maybe our rope) a couple came into the restaurant (probably on a date) and sat at the only other table in the little room with us. I felt so bad for them- I'm sure they were happy when we finally cleared out! :)

Tomorrow I have our ruling at court. It's at 10 AM (thankfully I don't have to leave too early) our time which is 2 AM your time Jacksonville (incase you feel lead to wake up and pray- haha). The other ladies are so kind to watch Matthew and Andrew so I don't have to take them with me. Please pray with us as we hope to hear that we have been granted guardianship of Jonathan and are able to bring him back to America. I was thinking on the way home tonight how crazy it is that all of this process will hopefully be finalized tomorrow. The judge will declare him my son. In my heart that is what he already is but it will be SO exciting to have it official. It is really interesting here because a lot of people will look at me strangely (trying to squeeze in some sort of awkward kindness at the same time) and say, "is he yours too?" And I smile and say yes. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has replied, "no he's not." I have to explain that we adopted him, but SO WHAT that his skin is different. HE IS MINE and don't tell me he's not. I feel like they are probably asking if he's mine biologically but honestly why would you have to ask and then argue with me about my answer? Just the beginning of what is to come I'm sure. I fully expected strange looks in America but I totally forgot that we would stick out even more here!! I am one proud momma though and I beam when I get to tell them that YES he is mine.

Here are a few pictures to follow up on what I posted yesterday...

First song of the day he crawled on the coffee table and whipped out his dancing fingers. I had to take a picture to show you!

I took this from my kitchen window. Roofing in Uganda. I was for sure that at any moment this man was going to slide right off the roof on his sled he was sitting on! 

I took this from the boys bedroom window today. They went to the side yard to play together without me. I love that they play well together. It made me so sad that they didn't need me though. 

Matthew was writing A's today. And was staying inside the lines on these ones. It took much concentration as you can tell from his tongue. We colored a little craft today too and without me saying anything he colored in the lines and was so proud to show me. Maybe my suggestion yesterday did register with him. I came home tonight to a crazy scribbled coloring paper though and it made my heart happy. 

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