Wednesday, May 16, 2012


First I wanted to post a picture of my little boy napping yesterday. I realized yesterday that I hadn't let Andrew nap on me recently and those days will soon be gone so I took the afternoon nap time to snuggle! It was fabulous!

Ok- as for today... I felt like a failure of a mom this morning as Matthew seemed to be wildly out of control. In spite of that I had to go to the store so off we went-hoping there would be good behavior. And...there was! In 2 hours I got to Costco AND Publix. IN THE RAIN!! And Andrew didn't have to eat until we got home. Then I felt like super mom. :) I think Matthew was a little overwhelmed with how many times I praised him for being so good at the store! Hopefully he gets the point that good behavior makes me happy.

Tonight I got more goodness poured into my heart. Over the past year I have been in a small group with 4 wonderful women and 2 mentors. It is the first small group I have ever been a part of and I couldn't have asked for a better one! Each of us are at different stages of life. It ranges from little ones to grandma-and someone at each stage in between. We had our final meeting tonight. It was a comfortable and safe place as usual-but it was also a little sad tonight. We are going to continue on as a discipleship group-but our 3 mentors will not be with us anymore.

I have learned so much from each of these women over the last year. I have learned how to be a part of a real group of women that struggle, celebrate, and are learning right along with me. These women are willing to carry each others burdens in prayer. They continually remind me of what God's word has to say about what is happening in my life. They also are living proof that toddlerhood is survivable! :) I have been so blessed by these unlikely yet wonderful friendships I have formed! I am going to miss them so much over the summer while we aren't meeting. Ladies-if you ever see this-I am thankful beyond words for you and I love you. God has been gracious to me in the provision of you in my life.

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