Sunday, May 13, 2012

Snapshots of my day

A few pictures from my Mother's Day...

Adam and I promising to raise Andrew according to God's word. Doug prayed for him. What a blessing.

I got a FABULOUS gift from the boys in my life- a bracelet! I love it! So far I have a heart charm that says MOM and two little boys that say BROTHERS on the bottom of it. My wonderful husband brought me flowers. I always enjoy flowers but these are going to be extra appreciated because he left today for 5 days! And finally...I got to take a wonderful nap. Matthew and Andrew did too. It was so refreshing!

Since I am a single mom this week I am going to have to be wise and efficient with my time! So-my first way of doing that was to have the boys take a bath together for the first time instead of trying to find time for 2 separate baths. It was a success! I'm excited for the day that the boys will have fun playing together in the bath! Matthew had fun splashing and Andrew survived. I think I've bought myself a few extra minutes in a day...

As you can see-I had a great day!

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