Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surviving the Weekend

I made it! I survived the Potters going away party. I survived packing Sunday afternoon, going to the beach baptism, leaving straight from the beach and going to SC and now arriving in NC.
The Potters going away party was fabulous and sad all at the same time! Our theme was to welcome them to Naples. Home of the old, rich, retiree. I think we did a pretty good job! Haha. We had a time of sharing stories about the Potters and prayer. There were tears but many more laughs!! I'm sure you can see why!

Just a few shots of the party.

We are some good looking old people!
The rest of these pictures are courtesy of Christi Galy.

The old lady hosts of the party

Livin' the dream


Did I mention that they didn't know there was a theme?!

We are blessed with great friends!

Adam took care of Matthew in the morning while we set up. When they arrived at the party Matthew was dressed up too!! I couldn't stop laughing. He looked like he was straight out of Gilligan's Island!

Best Friends...

Story time...

Prayer time...

Adam got to go with Matthew on the boat :)

Sweet friends-you are going to be missed!
On Sunday after church we cleaned up the house and packed then headed out to the beach baptism.
Every single time I've been to a beach baptism our church has had-the waves have been outrageous! This time was no different! I'm happy to still have Adam with us! (slightly joking)
Our wonderful "daughter" Lauren got baptized. Lauren was in my small group when she was in high school. Adam and I both became very close with her and consider her family. She attends college in town and we couldn't be more thrilled about it because we get to see her all the time!!
I am so proud of Lauren. She has grown up a lot over the past few years. Lauren loves Jesus with all of her heart. She aims to please HIM in everything she does and she shines HIM everywhere she goes. I have seen her be such a blessing in her friends lives, to her junior high small group of girls, to her co-workers, and to my family. Matthew LOVES "Ra-Ra" and gets excited whenever he sees her! I am so privileged to have had Lauren placed in my small group and then to have that relationship develop into such a beautiful friendship.
Getting to listen to Lauren give her sweet, vulnerable, and honest testimony in front of so many others was so exciting! Adam had the privilege of baptizing her.
I'm so excited to see how God uses Ra-Ra to change the world for the glory of HIS name! We love you Lauren...
After the baptism we piled in the car and drove to SC. We arrived at midnight and my mom met us and stayed the night with us in the alumni center at CIU. I felt very old as I realized I've been out of college for 4 years and I now have 2 kids. I don't so much fit in on campus anymore! Where does time go?!
Monday morning we left Adam at CIU and drive with my mom to their house in NC. I'm so excited to spend the week here with my family.
Yesterday we went up to see then"pwanes" fly-as Matthew says. He is obsessed with planes in the sky but I thought it would be fun to have him see them take off and land. He describes the landings as "crash ka-booms" so I'm not sure that's good :) but he really enjoyed it!

While we were there he saw a memorial plaque that looked like a podium so he insisted on "teach Bible." We all had a good giggle from that!

Andrew has been his amazing little baby-self this whole time. :) Just a little picture of him...He's soooo long!

This morning everyone got to sleep which was lovely! I prepared dinner early so that my mom and I can scrapbook during the boys nap time today. Now Matthew and I are enjoying outside while Andrew snoozes away.

I'm very much looking forward to this week. I just wish Adam could be here with us!
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