Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My family is back together! Adam is home and we are all together again! It is so nice to have "normal" back for a little while. I think normal is actually not-so-normal but I'm just going to enjoy it!
We got home Friday night and had dinner with Adams family to catch up on the 2 weeks we've all been apart. In that time we had all been out of town to some capacity and had a lot to talk about!
I am very blessed by the family I married into. My dad always told me that you marry a family,not just a person. I am so thankful for the family I have acquired with Adam! My father and mother in-law are so great. Truly. They have been above-and-behind helpful from the very first day of our relationship! They love me and the boys so fiercely. My sister-in-law is better than I could've ever created on my own. I never had a sister-and neither did she- but we've got one now and it's pretty fabulous! :) "Mimi" is great. We have similar love languages, personality types, and communication styles which has come in handy multiple times when learning how to deal with my new family. :) Adam always says that he is thankful that we get along-but wishes sometimes that it wasn't SO well because sometimes we gang up on him! :) Today is her 25th birthday! I'm excited to celebrate her later today (much later considering its 3:30 am as I write this)!
Saturday consisted of all sorts of fun for us! We had the Potters over to swim and eat lunch. The kids were so fun at the pool. Matthew now can swim and jump in all on his own all over the pool with the help of his floaties! I'm still not sure how he is getting so big so fast. Part of me wishes I had documented it all but I decided to enjoy the moment and have mental pictures of it all. This was the last day we were gonna have with Potters pre-Naples so I just wanted to soak it up!
That night Adam and I were able to attend the USA Men's National Team VS. Scotland soccer game! It was so fun. That was the first time for Adam and I to be out without the boys. USA dominated the game and we had a WONDERFUL time with friends. So thank you so much to the friends who made the night possible-and for the many laughs-especially in the terrible traffic on the way home!! :) It was good for my heart (and sanity)!

Sunday was so strange only having church in the morning and no other commitments. It was VERY enjoyable though. We spends the afternoon at a graduation party and then just hanging out. We got to go to a friends house for dinner that night. We has good food, and stayed up way past our bedtime playing monopoly deal (which would've been a blast if someone other than Adam would've won every single time)! :)
Monday was Memorial Day. Adam didn't have work, and the most surprising thing was-HE DIDN'T HAVE AN EVENT! We got to spend the day as a family AGAIN! All of this was so good after being apart for 2 weeks!
I'm so thankful and grateful for the men and women who have served our country to give me the freedoms I enjoy. They have come at a high price for so many. My grandpa is a veteran and I know his daily life is very much effected still by his time from being in the service. I'm thankful for his sacrifice. I am saddened to think of all the values I hold that seem to be fading from our country and I pray that as these soldiers continue to fight for freedom that we would use that for the greatest good...
For Memorial Day weekend in Florida we had a hurricane. It was not bad at all (at least as far as we experienced) but it did rain A LOT. So in the morning on Saturday we needed some indoor entertainment. Off to the mall for fountain-penny throwing we went! It was a good couple hours of entertainment that involved staying out of the weather. We got home just as another bucket of rain fell out of the sky!
The Harby's came for lunch. It is hard to believe the last hurricane days we had were 4 years ago! We spend them at the Harby's house playing Settler's of Catan. We each had new puppies running around. Annie will be 4 next Monday! Crazy how time flies!
I spent the afternoon cooking in preparation for having Adam's summer interns for dinner (and one of their families). We had a great time visiting with them. I'm NOT looking forward to how much Adam will be gone and busy this summer-but I AM excited about spending time with Laura & Nate!

I also sneaked in some snuggle time with Andrew! :)

Later on today Peyton will be coming by to play for the last time as a Jacksonvillian. I know Matthew probably doesn't understand what her moving means but it makes me SO VERY SAD!
Kristen's friendship to me has many times kept me sane in the journey through motherhood. I appreciate her encouragement, her failures (it's good to know others mess up once in a while too), her perspective, her ability to get Matthew to eat whatever she has (no matter what it is he will try it for Kristen!), and the way she pursues me as a friend.
Matthew and Peyton really do love each other. The way their faces light up when they see each other, and the hugs they share are so sweet. Matthew talks about Peyton and her mommy and daddy everyday. There is going to be a huge hole in our lives with them gone. I am already jealous of the people that will get to be their friends and see them on a daily basis in their new home! I WILL be taking lots of pictures of their last play date! So you can expect to see those later...

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