Sunday, July 8, 2012

Costa Rica Morning #2

Adam just gave me a call to give me a quick update on their morning.

They went to church this morning and had a great time of worship with the Costa Rican believers. He said the time of singing was GREAT! He also told me that they took communion and it was such a cool experience. The elements were kool-aid and goldfish crackers! :) The pastor did a great job of explaining the reason for taking communion.

This afternoon the team is doing some community building in neighborhoods by talking with people and praying as they walk around. Pray that they will develop good relationships as they meet people, that will continue to deepen as the week goes on.

Tonight the team is playing a soccer game against some of the people from the church they went to this morning. Then they will have a chapel time with the 6:8 team and another debrief time as a CFC team.

Adam told me that the team has been vulnerable and real with each other. The debrief time last night was really great and they are all trying to focus themselves on Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! and to step outside of their desires and selfishness. Pray that the things they experience change them for eternity, not just for their time in Costa Rica.

Hopefully I'll get another update tonight. Til then...

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  1. Thanks for taking the time for these updates...
    you busy mom!! Your sacrifices as a wife of a Sr. High Pastor do not go unnoticed by me or by HIM. They really are an encouragagement as we hear about God's work in & thru our kids and the team.