Friday, July 13, 2012

Costa Rica Thursday

I talked to Adam as I was falling asleep last night and planned to write on here when I woke up in the middle of the night to feed Andrew but he slept all the way until this morning! :) So sorry (only a little) that this didn't come sooner. Haha

Adam said yesterday they did the frame and roof for the house. They also did kids clubs which went much better than the day before. While they were sharing the gospel they decided to do a prayer wall behind the kids to sandwich them in between the person presenting. Adam said that was good. The kids got to have a bunch of good conversations with people. They also took the rest of the team that hadn't been yet to the coffee field.

Today is the teams free day. They are waking up early and going to a resort somewhere to swim and ride horses. Hopefully they have a great day of rest before their last few days of work. They have been working really hard! 6:8 is planning on opening a ranch type place for kids that need homes. This land that was recently purchased is right near the resort so they will ride over to that and pray for the land and and the work that will happen there.

Pray today that the team will have fun together and get to relax. Pray that they would be sensitive to the Costa Ricans around them and take opportunities to share the truth with them even though it is their day "off".

Only a few more days until they get back. Crazy!

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