Sunday, July 8, 2012


2 weekends ago I got to go on the College Retreat with Adam and the boys. As always- it was exhausting trying to do life as normal outside the house with 2 little ones, but all the students were SO great helping with the boys. I had a GREAT time. 

I got to hear Adam teach for the first time in a LONG time and it was really exciting. He taught on having a "Much More" life. Living for all that we've been saved for. He did a case study on John the Baptist. One part of what he was talking about was that John knew exactly who he was, and knew his purpose. It reminded me of my poor forsaken blog. :) I want this to be a place where others can see my life as I try to live as a jar of clay, a dixie cup. Something that has no worth other than what fills it. I want Jesus to be what is displayed in my life. My whole purpose is to bring glory to God. 

Life has been crazy with 2 little boys. They are the sweetest things though! Matthew is talking up a storm and learning manners, how to obey, and he is SO sweet to his little brother. He is so proud of him. Andrew is the easiest, happiest baby! He only cries when it is time to eat, and even then it is a little tiny whimper. He adores his big brother and smiles SO big when Matthew talks to him. He also follows his voice wherever he is. I am so very blessed. I pray often that this sweet friendship they have now will continue as they grow up.

Adam is busier than ever with trips to India, and Costa Rica with all sorts of things filling the times in between. I'm very much looking forward to some sort of calm in the Fall (maybe- somehow things always seem to be crazy.)

One of the biggest highlights of the summer for us is that we now have 2 new members of our family. Nate and Laura are Adam's two interns this summer and we have added them to the family. It is so fun to have them around. They are both SO sweet and SO good with the boys. The highlight of my week is our family dinner and game night. Each Monday night we have them over for dinner and we are playing a running game of Spades through out the summer. Girls vs. Boys. Laura and I are winning!  Hopefully this lasts all summer. I'm not sure I've ever beat Adam in anything so this would be a huge wonderful victory for me! Haha.

Glad to be back in the blogosphere. We'll see how often I can keep up with this with the craziness of life...Matthew is awake. Gotta go.

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