Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last full day in CR

The team had a great time at church today. Right after church they helped with the thrift store. Then the team went straight over to the house for the dedication.

Adam said that the family the house was for is an elderly lady with Alzheimer's and her son who cares for her. The lady wore a dress and put in lipstick for the occasion. And the son brushed her hair for her to make sure she looked her best. He said it made him cry. I stole some picture from Jill, a friend from Jacksonville that is down there studying Spanish and spent a few days with the team.

The team used the extra money that was raised for the trip to buy the family new mattresses which was a huge blessing because otherwise they would not have had any at all.

The time of prayer and dedication for the house went great.

The team went into town after that. They prayed outside of a brothel there first. This is a huge "nicer" one in town. I don't remember if I've said this before but prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. So heartbreaking.

After that the team did some shopping in the market and was on there way home when Adam called, around 8 tonight. Another long day for the team.

Tomorrow they come home! :) Pray for safety in travel and a good nights rest tonight before what will be another long day tomorrow.

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