Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Costa Rica Tuesday

Adam called tonight with a quick update.

He said this is the busiest he has ever been on any trip he's ever taken! The team works hard all day long with only a short lunch break.

The team is building a house for a family that was in need. Adam said this house was the nastiest house he'd ever seen. They did demolition all of Monday and there were animals, roaches, and trash all over the place. Today they laid the foundation of the new house. They had to mix the cement themselves-every part of it is hard work. Pray for the family that will live in this house. Pray that as the foundation was laid today that this household would be one that would honor and bring glory to God's name.

The other part of the team that was not doing construction was in charge of kids clubs (PUC). They went to three different little villages/neighborhoods today. They got to share the gospel in each of these clubs.

Everyone is staying super busy. Adam says that everyone is healthy and getting along great. The team is really working well together.

The theme verse of their trip is Acts 20:24. The team is working on making the focus of all they do JESUS! That their lives would be of no value to themselves. It only holds value when it is all about Jesus Jesus Jesus.

Pray for stamina as the days they are working are long and difficult. Pray for continued health and team unity! Also continue to pray for the hearts of those the team encounters. Pray for seeds to be planted, and also for harvest to be had. Pray for God's glory to overwhelm the people of Costa Rica. Pray that HIS name would be made famous. That is what it is ALL about.

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